Maximum Level for the security of your garage: armoured locks


If you want to obtain a Maximum Level of security for your garage, you can choose two types of Viro armoured locks , the 1.8252 series (with 60 mm centre distance) and the 1.8234 series (with 70 mm centre distance).



The multi-point version of this lock distributes the seal on several sides of the up-and-over door and increases any effort due to an attempted break-in or lifting, increasing the resistance to eh crowbar and increasing the security to the Maximum Level.

They accept any half profile cylinders, generally from 40 mm with universal or DIN cam (sold separately).

Both series can be armoured with the application of a security escutcheon (art. 806.172) which provides a good level of protection for the cylinder against drilling and pulling off.

The opening system differs between the inside and the outside: whilst from the outside it is carried out by means of a key, the inside is fitted with a sprung rotating knob which cannot be hooked from the outside, which can occur, on the other hand, with normal locks, by using burglary tools or hook-shaped wires.


4-way auxiliary deadbolt: increase the number of locking points!

Do you want to increase further the resistance of the multi-point locks?

Increase the locking points!

By using one or two 4-way deadbolts (art. 1.8234.D) you can increase the number of locking points of the armoured locks.

If you have a 4-point lock (1.8234.4 or 1.8252.4), you could obtain 6 locking points by means of a single auxiliary deadbolt combined with the lower locking point, whilst with the addition of two auxiliary deadbolts on the two sides you could actually achieve a total of 8 locking points.

The auxiliary deadbolt is made of galvanized steel, having a reconfigurable movement, and can be easily combined with multi-point locks thanks to the kit of case-hardened drill-resistant fixing screws with rounded heads (art. 1.8234.0740.D), the connecting rod kit, which is adjustable from 42 to 72 cm, (art. 1.8234.0028.D) and the Viro floor striker (art. 8217.0069).

For the 6-point configuration (excluding lock), there is also the complete kit (art. 1.8234.D028), consisting of 1 auxiliary deadbolt, 6 adjustable closing rods, 1 connecting rod, 1 floor striker and 1 kit of fixing screws.


Additional accessories to achieve the Maximum Level of security for a garage with an up-and-over door

You can combine the Viro armoured locks with further additional accessories.

For example the internal protection plate (art. 1.8234.0465), made of case-hardened, tempered and galvanized steel.

It is compatible with all the types of up-and-over doors on the market and allows the thickness to be increased by 2 mm.

This allows the resistance level to be increased considerably because the greater thickness and the hardened surface by treating the steel of the plate make the drilling of the steel sheet by means of a drill bit or cup wheel cutter more complex.

The tubular rods made of galvanized steel are, on the other hand, available both as a single (art. 8234.0028) and as a pair (art. 8217.0028) with relative accessories.

They are extendable (from 88 cm to 165 cm).


‚ÄúNuovo Condor‚ÄĚ fastening unit

Another system designed by¬†Viro¬†for the¬†security of a garage with an up-and-over door¬†is the ‚ÄúNuovo Condor‚ÄĚ fastening unit.

The installation of the Nuovo Condor (art 1.4218) fastening unit provides protection against forced lifting attempts.

Thanks to a specific accessory for hinge-type fastening, made of galvanized steel, it can be easily fitted to up-and-over doors (art. 4218.0469).

The Nuovo Condor ‚ÄĮconsists of a galvanized steel one-piece body, which is compact with rounded edges and pull-resistant.

The rotating rod also has a pull-resistant programmed breakage head  (designed to break at a precise point during any break-in attempt, without adversely affecting the closing of the system).

This system will allow the break-in time for your garage with an up-and-over door to be increased considerably.


Universal locking bars

The Viro universal locking bars add a further protection against attempts to break-in by drilling.

Available in the mechanical version (series 4008) and in the electronic version(series 4008.E), they are easy to fit and are available in various lengths.

As well as all the standard accessories, numerous accessories are also available on request.

The electronic version is equipped with a built-in anti-theft device, powered by batteries, which is fitted with a vibration sensor and an internal microphone.

It is able to detect attempted break-ins and send a text message in real-time to the numbers stored. The internal microphone will also allow you to listen to what is happening inside, thereby providing a useful tool for checking the security of the garage.

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