Why is it important to look after the security of your garage?


Protecting your home with the best security systems whilst neglecting completely the garage is quite a common mistake.
People naively tend to believe that garages are not considered to be particularly “interesting” and that they are not affected by burglaries and attempted break-ins. In reality, newspapers tell a different story.

Thefts from garages are a daily occurrence, thanks to the increase in the average value of the items which are kept there. Even people who do not use the garage to park a car or motorcycle often store items of some considerable value.

From tools to bicycles of various values, not to mention those people who use the garage as an extension of the house, using it just like a room, sometimes in communication with the home itself. For all these reasons it is inevitable the considerable interest from burglars and thieves.

The problems of security of the garage are urgent and real: to prevent break-ins and combat the risk of thefts, it is important to make your garage secure by installing reinforced locks and replacing poor quality products provided as standard.

Weakness of the locks which were originally fitted:
The security of your garage can no longer be an optional extra!


The standard locks of garage doors, whether they are of the up-und-over, roller shutter or folding type, are generally not very secure and are extremely weak.
Both in terms of the materials and their structure, they are easily vulnerable to attempted break-ins.
They are generally not very resistant to drilling and they are unable to prevent lifting by using levers and crowbars or perforating.

Keeping the locks that were originally fitted is extremely risky and is just like leaving your property at the mercy of thieves and burglars. The replacement of the locks is essential if you want to prevent break-ins and have fewer concerns.

Viro products: a guarantee for the security of your garage

Viro offers a wide range of solutions to make your garage more secure.
In fact, by using the Viro products you can increase and reinforce the resistance to break-ins, by considerably increasing the break-in times.

You can rely on fully tested solutions and products which are compatible and interchangeable with the locks originally fitted on your garage doors.

You will also have available a wide range of accessories to increase further the security of the garage.


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