Accessories for garages with a motorised up-and-over door

Motorised doors must also have adequate locks.

The motorisation must not be seen, as often happens, as a replacement for a good quality lock.

Automation is certainly not a security device for the garage: it certainly makes the garage opening and closing operations more convenient, but it does not make the garage more secure.

It is now possible to achieve a maximum security level for garages with motorised up-and-over doors, without adversely affecting the ease of use, by using the Viro electric locks, with which you can continue to use the remote control.


Electric locks seriesĀ V06Ā andĀ 9087 thanks to the accessories for the installation on motorised up-and-over doorsĀ (art. 1.7918.0600.1).

Power supply kits (art. 1.7918.0850) and the security escutcheonĀ (art. 1.7918.0806) are also available.


TheĀ security of your garageĀ is important as they often show signs of vulnerability and attract thieves and criminals!

By usingĀ ViroĀ products you can achieve theĀ Maximum LevelĀ of securityĀ for yourĀ garage with up-and-over doors,Ā thereby putting off burglars and limiting the risk of theft.

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