What is the Upper Level

TheĀ Upper LevelĀ represents the second level in theĀ Viro security classification ranking.

We defined the different levels on the basis of tests carried out on each product. They helped us check the resistance to attempted break-ins and tampering.

The longer the time of resistance, the greater is the security level that you could achieve.

Choosing theĀ Upper Level means installing anti-theft products that considerably increase the break-in times, thereby putting off any thieves.

Why increase the security level of the garage?


The exponential growth of thefts makes it increasingly necessary to increase theĀ security of your garage.

It is essential to replace the accessories which were fitted to the door originally with locks that are more reliable, tested and guaranteed.

In fact, the locks supplied with and fitted on doors are often of poor quality and are not even able to reach Viroā€™s Standard Level of security.

They are weak and vulnerable to attacks by thieves, making the garage doors not very resistant to break-in attempts and risking theĀ security.



Discover all theĀ ViroĀ products of theĀ Upper LevelĀ for the security of your up-and-over garage door!