How to reinforce the garage with a roller shutter

Roller shutters are the most commonly closing systems for garages, and not only, mainly to minimise the overall dimensions and maximise the useful space.

Except for rare exceptions, the locks with which they are sold and installed do not guarantee adequate protection from attempted break-ins and burglaries.

If you have a garage with a roller shutter and you use the garage to store valuable objects or, simply, objects of personal worth, you should pay enormous attention to the security of the garage.

When the garages are not adequately “equipped”, they are an easy target for thefts, precisely due to their extreme vulnerability.



Viro provides tested products to resist against attempted entry and to increase the resistance to break-ins from a standard level to a Maximum Level.


Viro armoured locks for roller shutter

The normal locks for roller shutters generally have 3 weak points: the case, the deadbolts, and the cylinders.



The first two generally have a weak structure: they are made with very thin sheet metal which can be easily forced.

The cylinders, on the other hand, do not generally have any protection and they often protrude: this makes them particularly exposed to attacks with chisels, drills, hammers and other tools.


The  Viro armoured locks (series 1.8270) eliminate all three weak points and are interchangeable through simple adjustments with the most commonly installed locks.

The steel case has a thickness increased by 2 mm, whilst deadbolts even reach 7 mm with their structure of riveted sheets.

The 40 mm half profile cylinder is, on the other hand, protected by a pull-resistant escutcheon made of case-hardened, tempered, copper and nickel-plated steel.

The 7 mm rotary plate also protects the cylinder from attacks with a drill.

As well as obstructing the penetration of the drill bit, it rotates with the latter, thus preventing it from advancing.

The armoured locks are also fitted with an outer protection plate made of galvanized steel with a thickness of 2.5 mm.

The plate further increases the resistance to attacks of any kind.


Viro armoured lock for garages with a roller shutter



Another solution to guarantee a Maximum Level of security for your garage with a roller shutter is the installation of Viro armoured locks (art. 4201) made of galvanized steel.

The security cylinder with 7 pins has a case-hardened, tempered, copper and nickel-plated steel, pull-resistant and anti-drill protection.

The external protection plate reaches 6 mm thereby making the lock even more robust and impenetrable.


“Nuovo Condor” Viro Maximum Level fastening unit

The installation of the Nuovo Condor (art 1.4218) fastening unit is a further system for guaranteeing the security of a garage with a roller shutter.

The unit is made of a single piece of galvanised steel and its compact structure free of sharp edges makes it inaccessible to attempts to rip it off.

It is fitted with a rotating resistant to attack lock-bolt with programmed breakage, to prevent the bolt being pulled out.

It can be used with any 40 mm half profile cylinder.

The Nuovo Condor also enables the Maximum Level of security of the garage to be achieved.


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