Protection systems for motorized shutters

This type of doors, if not adequately reinforced, are particularly exposed to attacks with a lever or similar tools, as the real strength of motorized shutters is comfort, not greater safety.

The motorization, in fact, facilitates the closing and opening of the shutters but does not replace a good lock.



By using the Viro products you can reach, also in this case, the Maximum Level of security of your garage with the V09 rotating spike lock and relative accessories for installation on motorised folding doors (art. 7905.0600.2), bearing in mind that you can continue to use the remote control for operation.

All the solutions proposed by Viro guarantees a security level which is much higher than that provided by the locks originally fitted. So, if you want to protect your garages from the unwelcome attention of thieves, limiting the risk of thefts, replacing the locks with Viro products is the first step towards tranquillity.

You have products available which are made with high-quality materials and which are fully adaptable to satisfy your every need.

The security of your garage is considerably increased with Viro products.

Is your rolling shutter manual? Let’s find out how to reinforce it!