Viro universal locking bars

The Viro universal locking bars are an effective solution for reinforcing garages with folding doors (and other types of doors) and increasing the security of the garage.

They guarantee a high degree of protection against attempted thefts by drilling and breaking; they are available both in the mechanical version (art. 4008) and in the electronic version (art. 4008E).

Both models can be adapted perfectly to suit your needs: they can be shortened (to 65 cm and 70 cm, respectively) with the special tools supplied and if necessary lengthened using the kit available on request (art. 4008.0410).

They are available in 4 different colours (white, black, aluminum grey and brown) and they can be fitted on all types of surfaces.

The standard security escutcheon is fitted with a rotary plate and protects the cylinder from breakage and drilling.

The electronic version is equipped with a built-in anti-theft device, powered by batteries, as well as the mechanical security means.

The vibration sensor, with adjustable sensitivity, enables break-in and tampering attempts to be detected and to send alarm messages, using a SIM card, to the numbers stored.

It is possible to store up to 5 numbers which will be contacted in real-time.

The internal microphone, which can be activated after receiving an alarm text, lets you listen to what is happening inside the garage, thereby allowing you to determine whether it is a false alarm or an actual burglary.


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