Research and innovation: the strong points of a well-established firm

The Viro trademark was established in 1942 and the company not only owes its existence to its founder, Vincenzo Rossetti, but also its name, which is the acronym of his initials.

This is where the story started, serving the security sector and characterised by innovation and research.

A concrete commitment aimed at the continuous study of materials and innovation which, in 1996, led to the Ministry of University and Scientific and Technological Research recognising the company as a true “Research Laboratory”.

Precisely this continuous commitment, together with the extraordinary ability to renew itself and adapt to current market needs, enabled the trademark to achieve the most important recognition: that given by everyone who has selected its products over the years.

Safes, burglar-proof locks, padlocks, anti-theft devices: the Viro trademark is synonymous with security and reliability in every security sector, both public and private.

The continuous attention paid to improving production and achieving quality certificates for the corporate system and the products have made the company a reference point for anyone who wants to keep their valuables secure.


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The best ally to ensure the security of your garage!

Over the years Viro has developed increasingly advanced technologies with innovative products. We designed them to combat attempted thefts break-ins and significantly increase the security of garages.

All the Viro burglar-proof locks and products are the result of a careful study of materials and structural solidity. Our major aim is to guarantee their resistance not only to adverse weather conditions but also to outside attacks by thieves and burglars.

Each product is designed to improve the security of the garage improving its structural vulnerability and replacing the generally weak locks fitted as standard.

In fact, each type of door, whether it is up-and-over, roller shutter or folding, has particular weaknesses which it is important to overcome if we want to keep our valuables secure. Viro offers a wide range of solutions that will enable you to achieve a greater level of security for your garage, with specific products, divided by type of door.

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Whatever you wish to keep secure, the experience gained by Viro over several decades in the security sector is a guarantee.