Whilst doors and windows might seem to be the simplest means of access, in reality, it is often the garage, if it is not adequately protected, that represents the Achilles’ heel of houses.

Garages are very often used not only to park a car but also to store other valuable items and in many cases, the garage can also be the access point for entering inside the house.

A garage is never impenetrable, but it is possible to make entering by thieves complex and difficult.

It is possible to strengthen garage and make the items stored inside it secure thanks to the guaranteed service life and strength of Viro products.

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Make the garage secure by starting from the materials

The security of the garage depends firstly on the material the door is made of.

The doors are almost always made of lightweight steel sheeting or wood and they are therefore quite vulnerable.

In the case of doors made of steel sheeting, which are usually very thin, drilling a hole or forcing the door open is an extremely simple operation for a thief.

Making the garage secure based on the type of door

The Viro products necessary to strengthen the garage and make it more secure vary with the type of garage.

The garage can be fitted with up-and-over, roller shutter or folding doors.

All the types can be automated and they provide good levels of security if they are protected by using reinforced locks for garages.

Reinforced locks for garages: the Viro range

Viro offers a wide range of locks which guarantee a powerful anti-theft protection.

The reinforced locks for garages produced by Viro allow your garage to be adequately protected.

For the roller shutter, there are locks with a reinforced case and other additional products which guarantee the maximum resistance to break-ins.

The items for reinforced locks for garages with up-and-over doors include armoured locks with two locking points and protection plates.

Robust cover plates, security escutcheons and a cylinder that can withstand pulling and drilling make the Viro reinforced locks the ideal solutions for the security of your garage.

 Reliability and security are the trademark of all Viro products!


>> Discover the solutions for every type of door!