Cookies Policy

Privacy policy – 4.3.1 Cookies
What are cookies? Cookies are information stored by the browser when a website is visited with any suitable device (such as a PC, tablet or smartphone). Each cookie contains different data (for example, the name of the server it comes from, a numerical identifier, etc.), it can remain in the system for the duration of a session (or until the browser is closed) or for long periods and can contain a unique identification code.

What is their function? Cookies are used for different purposes depending on their type: some are strictly necessary for the proper functionality of a website (technical cookies), while others optimize the performance to offer a better user experience or allow to draw up statistics on ‘use of the site, such as cookies analytics or allow you to display personalized advertising, such as profiling cookies.

Consent: any provision of the user’s consent can be memorized by the Data controllers, as far as they are concerned, by means of a technical cookie.

How to disable them? It is possible to disable cookies both through the browser settings (par. 4.3.3. “How to disable cookies? General information”) and through the mechanisms made available by some third parties.